SoundHive Connect

Involvement Period: September 2012 through April 2013

SoundHive Connect is an app that I worked on at Gear4, and is designed to enable users to be able intermix music from their iPod, Spotify and Network Music (DLNA/UPnP). On top of this users are also able to setup or join 'parties', in which participants are able to submit songs from their own iPod, the party host's iPod, Spotify or Network Music to the central party playlist. The Party mode functionality allows for any guest at a party to be able to contribute their own suggestions to the playlist being played, and let everyone experience some music that they enjoy.

Additionaly, SoundHive is able to dock with all Smartlink enabled speakers allowing for it to act as an Alarm Clock, FM Radio and truly become the central hub for music at a party.

During the project, I was primarily in charge of developing the media player functionality, and experience, including the party mode, remote control, music picker, etc. However, I was involved in producing the underlying protocols that would communicate with Smartlink speakers, and the alarms functionality.

This project easily turned out to be one of the largest I have ever undertaken, and provided me with a lot of valuable experience dealing with large codebases, and working in a team.