Involvement Period: March 2005 through December 2011

TuneBar was an iTunes Controller, that unlike those before it, unified the 3 major types of iTunes control; player controls, notifications and hotkeys. In addition to this, it also offered everything in simple and elegant package that made it as popular as it was.

TuneBar also offered Growl integration for those that would rather use the notification system that it provided, over the builtin notification system of TuneBar

As my first major application on Mac OS X, and as my first real project under Apple's Cocoa frameworks and using the Objective-C language, TuneBar taught me more than any other project has since. Not only about how to undertake the development side of such a project, but also how to deal with customers support questions, bug reports and suggestions. Overall I was able to generally maintain frequent updates, and keep customers happy and was praised on more than one occassion.

Additionally, it was featured in two national UK magazines; iCreate and MacFormat, one as a double page spread about the application, and the other as 'Shareware of the Month' review. Couple this with it being the first application I developed through to market, and had regular sales with, it is possibly my proudest acheivement and one that taught me a great deal.